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We offer a diverse variety of scale systems and weighing solutions for businesses all over Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Balanced Systems Tailored to Your Needs

Express Scale Services offers a wide variety of scale systems for your business needs. Browse our pre-made systems or reach out for custom weighing solutions. Not all products are listed, so feel free to contact us in Canyon, Texas, for further information on product options and automated systems.

Truck Scale

Floor Scale

Capacity: 1000-20,000 lbs.

Platform Size: 2x2 up to 7x7

  • Highest quality platform scale for industrial use
  • 200% overload protection
  • Easy to install and last for years
  • Includes indicator with lb/kg selectable, rechargeable battery option, RS-232
  • 20' long heavy duty metal shielded cable for indicator
  • Comes in 2'x2', 3'x3', 4'x4', 4'x5', 4'x6', 4'x8', 5'x5', 5'x7', 6'x6', 7'x7' (other sizes to be ordered)
  • Capacity: 2,000 lb, 5,000 lb, 10,000 lb, 20,000 lb
  • Legal for Trade: NTEP Approved CC# 10-081
  • Non-NTEP version available in select sizes

Axle Scale

Hydraulic Portable Axle Scale

Standard Deck Size 7 ½’ x 10’

Hydraulic Lift Kit

12 Volt Power Pack

Self-Contained Solar Charging System

2 Weatherproof Boxes for Indicator, Printer and Hydraulic Controls.

4 Attached Ramps

Brake Lights, Turn Signals and Clearance Lights

Weigh-Tronix Model 640XL Indicator with Stand

Tires and Spindles

50,000 lb. Capacity

Be efficient by hauling at or Near Capacity without exceeding legal limits.

The Standard Platform measures 7 ½ ft. x 10 ft. Single or tandem axles will fit on the platform. Extra heavy steel frame is used. Fifty Thousand lb. capacity is standard, using rugged 99.75 percent accuracy Weigh-Tronix weigh bars. Weigh-Tronix Model 640XL Indicator: The 640XL Indicator is low cost and simple, designed to withstand today’s harsh, farm environment.

The indicator is ideal for Grain cart applications with its compact design and the 100 alpha-numeric memory channels can track yields of individual fields or the entire harvest season. A report can easily be transferred to a printer or transfer data system for ease of record keeping.

With the NEW Auto-Loc capabilities for Livestock weighing, the indicator can Automatically accumulate livestock weights and indicate number of animals in each group, the average, and the total of all the livestock weighed. For truck platform scales and TMR mixers, Use the model 640XL with its large 2-inch display for ease of viewing.

Wide Model Deck Size 7 ½’ x 15’

60,000 lbs. Capacity

4 Additional Ramps

Electric Brake System with Breakaway Control

Longer Tongue

Options include Printer and spare tire with holder and spindle.


Weight Indicator and Controller

Counting Scale

Load Bars

Capacity: 5,000 lbs.

Great for Squeeze Chutes!

Sizes Available: 24", 40" & 48"

  • Portable, Heavy Duty weighing beam system
  • Use for applications like cages for animal, silos, milktanks, small platforms and storage containers
  • Easy to install and last for years
  • Includes indicator with lb/kg selectable, rechargeable battery (last up to 72 hrs), RS-232, auto hold
  • Comes in 24"x4", 40"x4", 48"x4"
  • Capacity: 5,000 lb x 1 lb

Farm Bars

Standard Features

  • Three feet ArmorGuard cable included
  • Kit includes 482 Legend™ Series digital weight indicator with live weigh option
  • Factory calibrated


Safe Overload: 150%

Full Scale Output (FS): 3mv/V nominal**

Maximum Excitation: 15 VDC

Non Linearity: 0.02% FS

Hysterisis: 0.02% FS

Thermal Sensitivity Shift: 0.0008% of reading/° F

Thermal Zero Shift: 0.0015% FS/° F

Side Discrimination: 1000:1

Bridge Resistance: 350 ohms

Temperature Range: -40 to 111°F (-40 to 44° C)

Cable Configuration: 8 ft between bars and 12 ft for the indicator

Warranty: Two-year limited warranty

**Output is standardized for each model of load bar, consult factory for details

Accessories and Peripherals

Ticket Printer

Tape Printer

Remote Displays


Hardware and Accessories


Please call for more information.

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